Alberto Manganaro has worked under several European funded projects, such as Caleidos, Antares, Prosil. He has been part of the development team of several software application and web platforms:

VEGA: a free downloadable application that makes available a set of relevant QSAR models for eco-toxicological assessment, extending the work of the CAESAR project.

TOX-READ: an application aimed to support human experts in the process of performing the read-across assessment of eco-toxicological properties, such as mutagenicity and BCF. The application has been specifically designed to be used under the REACH legislation.

DRAGON: one of the most used software for the calculation of molecular descriptors. It offers the chance to produce several thousands of descriptors, and accepts the most common molecule formats. Version 6.0 has been recently released, offering several new features including a totally new user interface and a Linux version.

dPROPERTIES: an easy-to-use application for the calculation of physicochemical properties and drug-like indices. It calculates 62 properties, that can be used to characterize molecules, for screening and filtering of molecule databases.

CAESAR: an European project specifically dedicated to develop QSAR models for the REACH legislation. Five endpoints are addressed: BCF, Skin Sensitization, Carcinogenicity, Mutagenicity, Developmental Toxicity. A free on-line application has been developed to make models fully usable by everyone.

DART (Decision Analysis by Ranking Techniques): a powerful and user-friendly software tool designed for the ranking of chemicals according to their environmental and toxicological concern based on the most recent ranking theories. Different kinds of order ranking methods, classified as total (also called even-scoring) and partial-order ranking methods (Hasse diagram technique) are implemented.

MOLE db - Molecular Descriptors Data Base: a free on-line database constituted of 1124 molecular descriptors calculated on 234773 molecules. The MOLE db is dedicated to all the scientists who are interested in molecular descriptors and/or apply molecular descriptors in scientific research.